Importing a Vehicle Into Australia

Vehicle Import Process (7 to 10 weeks)

Importing a vehicle from Japan to Australia is made easy with our direct import service. With access to Japan's largest wholesale suppliers, we will find the right vehicle for you:

5 step Import process:

1st: Purchase of Vehicle + Export Fees: Buy Vehicle

2A: Import documentation + Shipping: Before Export

2B: Customs Fees/GST/Quarantine: Paid @ Arrival

3A: Towing & Compliance: In Australia

3B: Import Service Fee: After Registration

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Estimate:

2014~2016 Corolla

The following is an approximate breakdown costs of vehicle importation of Toyota hybrid 7 seater hybrid based on exchange rate of 94YEN/AUD

(As of August example 2023)

Based on YEN Purchase: 600,000YEN

3 Step Payment TimeLine:

1st PAYMENT = $6,300 (variable)

2A PAYMENT = $2,800 (fixed)

2B PAYMENT = $1,500 (variable)

3A PAYMENT = $2,300 (fixed)

3B PAYMENT = $1,000 (fixed)

Approximate Total Costs = $13,900